Strategic Initiatives

Computer Replenishment Program

To review the Fiscal Year 14 computer replenishment models available in this program click on FY15 Computer Replenishment Models (pdf).

The Computer Replenishment Program's objectives include:

  • Standardizing make/models/configurations of desktop and laptops used on the UMass Lowell campus.
  • Standardizing UMass Lowell’s software deployment by having a standard image with licensed software on each computer.
  • Working toward having our desktop and laptop technology be no more than 4 years old to support faculty and staff computing requirements.
  • Normalizing our spending on computer technology by replacing approximately 25% of UMass Lowell’s computer inventory each year.
  • Establishing a centralized project budget to pay for computers acquired through the program; department budgets will not need to pay for computers through this program unless they select the Windows X1-Carbon laptop or Apple 15" MacBook Pro laptop configuration.
  • Offering robust support for faculty and staff who are issued computers through this program.
To find out more about this program, download the overview presentation (pdf).

For a quick review of the fiscal year 15 program click on FY15 CRP Summary (pdf). If you have specific questions about the Computer Replenishment Program please contact the IT Help Center at 978-934-4357 (on campus: 4-4357) or email