Software & Hardware

Computer Replenishment Program

The Computer Replenishment Program uses a life-cycle model to replace approximately 25 percent of primary computers campus-wide each year. Funding for this program is from a centralized University budget; departmental budgets do not pay for these replaced computers. Please see a list of common questions below.

Who qualifies for replacement equipment under the Computer Replenishment Program?

You qualify to participate in the Computer Replenishment Program if you are a full-time, benefitted employee of UMass Lowell. 

Which computers are replaceable under the Computer Replenishment Program?

Your computer is eligible for replacement under the program if it is four years old or older (according to the University's inventory) and is the primary computer you use to perform your primary job function. This may include instructional purposes, word processing, email or managing financial or student records. 

Part-time employee? Your department will purchase your primary computer.

Full-time employee and looking to purchase a computer for research or travel purposes? Your department will purchase this computer.

How do I get my primary computer replaced? 

Each year, the campus-wide inventory will be analyzed to determine the age of full-time benefitted members' primary computers. Once it is determined that your computer is due for replenishment, you will be asked which model computer (from the hardware standards' list) you want. 

  • If you are a faculty member, you may select either a Windows or Apple desktop or laptop. 
  • If you are a staff member, your director or chair will help you with this decision based on the platform and model your office currently uses.

Can I choose the make and model of my replacement computer?

The Computer Replenishment Program uses UMass Lowell-approved hardware standards for all desktops and laptops on Windows and Apple platforms. These hardware standards are found at FY15 Computer Replenishment Models.pdf.

How long does it take to replace my eligible computer?

Once your entire office has selected its replenishment models, your order is sent into the Information Technology (IT) office and the order is placed with the appropriate vendor. Vendor turnaround time is typically three weeks. 

When your new computer arrives on campus, the Help Center will schedule an appointment with you to install the computer and copy all data from the old computer to the new computer.

I am new to the campus. How do I enroll in the Computer Replenishment Program?

You do not need to enroll in the Computer Replenishment Program. Your assigned computer automatically is entered into the program database on the date it is purchased. (Remember, you automatically qualify for the Computer Replenishment Program if you are a full-time employee with benefits.) 

I am a department head and have a new employee. How do I buy that person a computer? 

The Help Center can help you choose the best computer for your employee's needs. Your department will pay for the computer, and the Help Center will place the order for you. For more information, please visit the FY15 Computer Replenishment Models or send an email to and request more information on purchasing equipment for new employees.

I want to purchase computers for my research lab. How do I do this? 

Research computers are not covered under the Computer Replenishment Program. Your department will purchase your computers using department and/or grant funds. 

Most likely, your researchers will know the best computer for their needs. If you would like assistance, please consult the Help Center technician. Once your needs are determined, configure your quote and send it to with the funding information. IT will process the paperwork to order this equipment for you. When the equipment arrives on campus, IT will asset tag the equipment and notify you when it arrives.