Get Connected

Remote Access

Remote Access allows users to access campus computing and information resources when not connected directly to the UMass Lowell network.

For the most secure connection, IT Services recommends the use of our Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. You can use VPN to connect to your departmental file shares, administer servers or your desktop computer.

How your files are protected?

UMass Lowell's Virtual Private Network (VPN) utilizes a clientless SSL connection that creates a "tunnel" between your computer and the campus network. This tunnel encrypts your transmissions to UMass Lowell to make it very secure. Using VPN also identifies you as a member of the campus community when you are not connected directly to the campus network, allowing you access to restricted networked resources.

A VPN connection gives you: 

  • Access to restricted resources—including departmental servers, file shares, intranet-based applications—when you are away from campus.
  • Protection of data sent across the Internet through VPN encryption, including sensitive information such as login name and password.
  • Increased security when connecting to the Internet through an open wireless network (such as in a cafe or at the airport).

How to access a VPN:

  • You must have a valid UMass Lowell email account and password to successfully login and authenticate to use VPN services.
  • Contact the Help Desk to register for VPN access by emailing or by calling 978-934-4357.
  • Your VPN "profile" must be configured before you can use VPN.  This will be arranged by contacting the Help Desk.

Once you have met the above requirements, navigate to and enter your full email address and password.

If you are employee of the university, select "Staff" from the drop down menu. If you are a student, select the "Student."