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About Starfish

Sincefall 2012, wehave been using an application called Starfish to help the campus improve student retention. Starfish provides faculty with an easy-to-use tool to help identify students at-risk of underachieving. Studentsare made aware of their at-risk status and informed of services and resources available to help them succeed. The Centers for Learningmanages follow-up action with students and coordinates as needed with other campus faculty and staff. The goal is to retain students so they can complete their pursuit of a higher education degree at UMass Lowell.

Using Starfish

Term Information

Fall 2013 surveys will occur for over 200 courses including:

  • English: College Writing I & II, CWI-ESL, CWII-ESL , IWL
  • Health:Anatomy & Physiology Lab I; Anatomy & Physiology Lab II
  • Intercollegiate FAHSS: Values and Creative Thinking; First Year Experience Seminar
  • Management: First Year Management Seminar; Introduction to Business
  • Math: Calculus I, IA, IB; Calculus for Life Sciences I; Management Pre-calculus; Management Pre-Calculus Supplemental Instruction; Management Calculus
  • Science: Chemistry I

Metrics and information on semester starfish utilization


Project Sponsorship

Charlotte Mandell - Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Assistance Using Starfish

Donna Mellen - Information Technology (978-934-2925)

Student Retention

Douglas Cooper - Coordinator of Retention Services, Centers for Learning (978-934-4548)