Administrative Applications

HR Direct

HR Direct is a UMass system-wide administrative solution to manage Human Resource data. UMass utilizes PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) v9.0 as the enterprise application.   

HR Direct provides the University with functionality for the following: 

  • Employee self-service (including time reporting)
  • Manager self-service (time approval only)
  • Human Resource job data
  • Benefits management
  • Time reporting tracking
  • Payroll processing

Access to HR Direct

Automatically Granted Access

  • Employees (current and future hires) are granted access to employee self-service.
  • Employees in jobs which require self-service time reporting in HR Direct are granted the self-service time reporting role.
  • Employees assigned to supervise employees who require time approved in HR Direct receive the manager self-service time approval role.

Manually Granted Access

Administrative access is granted upon request and appropriate approvals. Employees request access via an electronic form with approval from their direct supervisor. All requests get reviewed and have security roles/access approved by a data custodian. Fully approved forms are forwarded to the Security Administrator who will apply the approved security requests.

Functional Area Data Custodian Request Form
Human Resources & Payroll Hilary Clark; Melissa Sullivan TBD

Termination of Access

All manually granted access is terminated once an employee is no longer employed at UMass.

Employee self-service access terminates 90 days after the employee is no longer employed at UMass.

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