General Education


At UMass Lowell, general education courses are placed into four categories:

  • Social Sciences¬†
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Science and Technology
  • Mathematics

You can find a list of the courses that can satisfy a general education requirement on the General Education website.

An Honors General Education Course is a dedicated Honors Course that also satisfies a university general education requirement. These are enriched, seminar-like, discussion based courses that strengthen critical thinking and communication.

They will typically have an enrollment between 10-19 students and they will have a 3xx section number (301, 302, 303, etc.).

Each semester, a variety of honors general education courses are offered and they can be used to satisfy an H3 and/or H4 Honors Course Requirement. 

However, courses which satisfy the H3 and the H4 requirements must be from two separate academic departments.