Polly Hoppin

Polly Hoppin, Work Environment, Environmental Health Program, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production

Polly Hoppin, Work Environment, Environmental Health Program, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production

Research Professor, Program Director
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Wannalancit Building, Suite 500

Research Interest

  • Policies and programs that cost-effectively reduce the burden of asthma.
  • Models for interagency/multi-sectoral initiatives to address environmentally-mediated disease. 
  • Promoting the development of safer products, materials and processes as integral to chronic disease prevention.  I lead the Environmental Health Program within the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production (www.sustainableproduction.org), which encourages health sector decision-makers to prioritize safer materials as they develop research agendas and make policy decisions to reduce the burden of chronic diseases.
  • The development of appropriate science capacity to serve the needs of communities confronting environmental risks to health. 

Educational Background

B.A., Princeton University, 1981
Sc.D., Health Policy and Management/Environmental Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, 1991


Polly Hoppin is a Research Professor and Program Director for the Environmental Health Program in the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production.  Prior to coming to Lowell, Polly held senior positions in the federal government, both at EPA and the US Department of Health and Human Services in New England, and served as Senior Advisor to the Secretary’s Science Advisor at DHHS in Washington, DC.  Prior to joining the Clinton Administration, she worked in the not-for-profit sector for 15 years. 

Dr. Hoppin synthesizes research relevant to environmental public health problems and solutions, working closely with private and public sector organizations that are anticipating policy decisions.  She has convened and facilitated numerous discussions among stakeholders in the context of these decisions, playing a leadership role in the design of policies, programs and strategic initiatives.  Dr. Hoppin has been instrumental in developing and promoting key concepts in environmental health policy, including reducing reliance on pesticides, environmental investments to reduce the burden of asthma, and generational goal-setting for sustainability.  Current professional activities include serving on the Boards of Directors of the Clean Water Fund and Pesticide Action Network North America.  In the past, she has had leadership positions in the American Public Health Association and the Massachusetts Public Health Association, and was a founding Board member of Protected Harvest.  As Senior Advisor to the Dean of the School of Health and Environment at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2008, she helped drive the vision and mission of the School. Polly received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University and a Doctor of Science in Public Health (environmental health sciences and health policy/management) from Johns Hopkins University.