Maria Brunette

Maria Julia (Maju) Brunette, Work Environment

Associate Professor
Kitson 202E

Research Interest

Educational Background

B.Sc., Industrial Engineering, University of Lima (Peru), 1992

M.Sc., Industrial Engineering, University of of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, 1999 

Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002


Maria Brunette's work focuses in applying human factors and systems engineering to the design of work systems aiming to improve the health of working communities. She is an industrial & systems engineer, with a background in human factors, socio-technical systems, and occupational safety and health. Her expertise includes developing methods for measuring the role of job, organizational, and socio-cultural factors in the quality of working life (QWL). Physical and mental health, job satisfaction, and psychosocial stress represent some of the QWL outcomes under her ongoing studies that are all related to under-represented ethnic groups and women, especially those from Hispanic origin. In her current QWL research, she is investigating the impact of practical ergonomics and safety interventions among industrial workers in Peru.

Other Affiliations

Director, World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborative Center USA-269

Country Director (Peru), UMass Lowell International Partnerships Office