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New Solutions Journal

At the intersection of health, work, and the environment stands New Solutions — the only journal that attempts to both define the issues and offer perspectives for change.

New Solutions' voice is progressive, experienced, challenging. The quarterly's contributors are scientists and policy-makers in academia and government, unionists on the shop floor, environmentalists in their many habitats, and activists on the streets, all well placed to see what works and what doesn't in policy for sustainable development.

Aims and Scope

New Solutions is the only journal you can read that explores the growing, changing common ground at the intersection of health, work, and the environment. The Journal makes plain how the issues in each area are interrelated and sets forth progressive, thoughtfully crafted public policy choices. It seeks a conversation on the issues between the grassroots labor and environmental activists and the professionals involved in charting society's way forward with the understanding that lack of scientific knowledge is no excuse for doing nothing and that inaction is itself a choice.

New Solutions enhances the agenda of labor with knowledge from academia. In recognition of the globalization of health problems, environmental issues and economic activity, the Journal strives for an international focus. It investigates problems of occupational and environmental health with the people at risk—the workers and the community—uppermost in mind. And New Solutions takes the discussion beyond merely explaining the extent of hazard, the parameters of debate, and the limitations of scientific knowledge to offer actions—solutions—to deal with the dilemmas of workplace, community, and environmental threat.

Not since the 1930s has there been a journal that combines the voices of labor, community activists, and progressive academics. The kind of material published in this Journal often is ignored, overlooked, or merely nodded to by traditional and scientific media alike. Certainly none of them gives it the frame of reference that New Solutions delivers from both sides of the issues. New Solutions reports, describes, and analyzes developments in laboratories, legislatures, courts, and labor unions, from farmer's fields and factory floors, from new Europe and the Third World.

Intended Audience

New Solutions is written for both the academic and educated lay audience. Its intention is earnest: to affect the public health policy discussion and shake up the policy debate. Your subscription will give you a window on practical proposals for protecting health. You'll get an analytical, action-oriented perspective. Its commentary is timely, incisive—and critically important. New Solutions is destroying the pigeonholes that contain certain kinds of health problems and, in their place, erecting bridges that link communities by the way they approach and deal with their problems. Those links build movements. You're not going to find this kind of approach anywhere else. Join us.

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