College of Health Sciences

Public Health

The College of Health Sciences recently introduced new Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Public Health (MPH) degree programs. Prospective students may apply now to enroll this fall.

For current junior or senior UMass Lowell College of Health Sciences students, we offer an accelerated BS to MPH program.

For questions about the BS program in public health, contact Nicole Champagne. For questions about the MPH program, contact Leland Ackerson.

Growing Job Opportunities

More professionals who are prepared to prevent disease and promote health in the population as a whole are in demand.

It is projected that more than 250,000 additional public health workers will be needed in the United States than will be available by 2020.

In Massachusetts, employment in public health occupations is expected to grow 25 percent by 2050.

For those with degrees in public health, many careers exist, including environmentalists, community and public health workers, health and nutrition educators, toxicologists, risk analysts, research project coordinators, epidemiologists, nutrition and worksite wellness managers, managers for community programs for older adults, and occupational health program managers.

Why UMass Lowell

Unique Vision - The College of Health Sciences offers a unique vision for public health, one that fully integrates individual and collective drivers to promote health and prevent disease.

High-caliber Faculty - Current faculty in the College of Health Sciences is world-renowned in their fields of occupational health and safety, health promotion, nutrition, gerontology, environmental sustainability, epidemiology, health of populations, healthcare management and economics, and the reduction of toxins.

Unique Specializations - In addition to gaining a strong foundation in public health, BS students will incorporate a specialty focus on community health/health promotion, health sciences, or environmental/occupational health. Master's students will choose epidemiology, global environmental sustainability and health, nutrition, gerontology, population health, or healthcare management.

Sustainability Expertise - Students in the public health programs will graduate with an appreciation of the importance of sustainability in promoting and maintaining the health populations from an environmental, community and economic perspective. Education the public health workforce is crucial to achieve a healthy and sustainable future.

Learn more about our Bachelor's Degree and our Master of Public Health (MPH) programs.