Pharmaceutical Sciences

UMass Lowell Faculty

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Biological Sciences Chemical Engineering

Susan Braunhut 

Peter Gaines 

Jessica Garb 

Hwai-Chen Guo 

Garth Hall 

Thomas Shea

Zhiyong Gu

Carl Lawton

Sanjeev Manohar

Prakash Rai

Seongkyu Yoon

Chemistry Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences

Long Chiang

Edwin Jahngen

Kenneth Marx 

Melisenda McDonald 

David Ryan 

Jin Xu 

Mingdi Yan

Alease Bruce 

Kay Doyle 

Ted Namm

Electrical and Computer Engineering Physics and Applied Physics

Mufeed Mahd

Xingwei (Vivian) Wang

Clayton French 

Erno Sajo 

Mark Tries 

Anna Yaroslavsky

Plastics Engineering Work Environment

Bridgette Budhlall 

Stephen McCarthy

Dhimiter Bello