Meet Our Faculty

Plastics Engineering

Budhlall-Bridgette-tnAssistant Professor Bridgette Budhlall
Studies the chemistry and physics of colloidal systems in which molecular and/or colloidal entities can be assembled into more complex supracolloidal structures; synthesizes nanostructured materials used in biosensors, drug delivery systems, cellular transport and analysis, and biomedical devices. Read Budhlall's full bio.

Professor and University Professor Stephen McCarthy
Professor McCarthy has taught Polymers in Medicine I and II for several years. His recent research includes improving dialysis for core-shell pullulan-polycaprolactone nanospheres loaded with hydrophobic ciproflaxin. He has also received funding to study nanosphere-antibiotic corneal lenses, skin grafting, and development of tetracycline loaded ethylvinylacetate fiber.