Meet Our Faculty


Chiang-Long-tnProfessor Long Chiang
Focuses on the design and synthesis of photodynamic therapeutic drugs for treatment against multiantibiotic-resistant infectious diseases, including designing hydrophilic molecular self-assembly of fullerene-derived nanospheres as biologically active free radical scavenging agents, PDT drugs, and antibacterial agents. Read Chiang's full bio.

Professor Kenneth Marx
Professor Kenneth Marx received his Ph.D. in Physical Biochemistry from the Dept. of Chemistry at the University of California Berkeley. He received a Muscular Dystrophy Society of America Postdoctoral Fellowship and was resident at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland for two years. Upon returning to the US he held a brief postdoctoral fellowship at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology before being hired as an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Dept. at Dartmouth College and was Adjunct Professor in the Dartmouth Medical School. After eight years he moved to the Dept. of Chemistry at UMass. Lowell and rose to Full Professor. He has had many grants funded from NIH, NSF, ARO, DOE, DOD, DARPA and various pharmaceutical and biomaterials companies for a wide variety of research projects. Over the years he has carried out research and published numerous papers in the following areas:  biosensors, biomaterials, physical biochemistry of macromolecular systems, in silico bio/chem. informatics of genome and proteome databases for knowledge of the specific properties of biological organisms, informatics for drug discovery, metamaterials and molecular dynamics of atomic level views of protein and DNA containing systems. In 2000, he co-founded AnVil Informatics, a bioinformatics company to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, and successfully obtained VC funding from 3 VC firms. Presently, he is attempting to co-found another company based upon his collaborative research with other UMass Lowell faculty in the area of living cell acoustic wave biosensor research. 

Ryan-David-tnProfessor David Ryan
Researches the use of fluorescence and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to study metal ion binding to molecules of biological importance, oxidation/reduction reactions of alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) and studies of controlled/targeted release devices for therapeutic agents. Read Ryan's full bio.

Jin-Xu-tnAssistant Professor Jin Xu
Studies protein structure and function relationship; develops biochemical, biophysical and mass spec methods for biopharmaceutical characterization; directs the Massachusetts BioManufacturing Center (MBMC) Protein Analysis and Characterization Laboratory. Read Xu's full bio.

Professor Mingdi Yan
Professor Yan obtained her Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oregon. Before starting her academic career, she was a Senior Scientist at Ikonos Corporation for three years leading a group on developing biosensors. Her research lay at the interface of organic chemistry, soft materials, and nanotechnology. Her research interests include surface functionalization, bioconjugation chemistry, nanofabrication, and biointerface. The current research in her group focuses on developing functional nanomaterials for theranostic applications. She teaches a course on nanomaterials to graduate students and senior undergraduates. She serves as a consultant for private industries including biotech companies (Vistakon, Virogenomics, Grace Bio-Labs). She is currently a permanent member of the NIH BMBI study section.