Meet Our Faculty

Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences

Greiger-Brenda-tnLecturer Brenda Geiger (Graduate Coordinator, Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Serves as Graduate Coordinator for the Pharmaceutical Sciences program. Recent research focuses on obesity, reward pathways and peripheral effects of neuropeptides. Fields of expertise are physiological chemistry and pharmacology; has pharmaceutical industry experience. Read Geiger's full bio.

Professor Garry Handelman (Interim Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Garry Handelman earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Tufts University. His research program focuses on the nature of pathological changes that occur in long-term renal failure, with a goal of better understanding how to care for patients on dialysis. He and his team have studied oxidant stress (breath ethane, isoprostanes, and inflammatory markers) and the influence of dietary antioxidant supplementation (vitamin E and selenium). They are studying vitamin C levels in patients on dialysis, seeking to determine if patients would benefit from interventions to raise their plasma vitamin C levels. They are also studying the biology of anemia in these patients, and are seeking better ways of administering iron to avoid chronic anemia in dialysis. Another research area is investigating strategies to raise the level of carotenoids in the retina, involving egg consumption and other interventions. In addition, Prof. Handelman has worked with other faculty at Lowell and elsewhere to better understand the prevention of diabetes and hypertension through diet and exercise. This is a major developing focus of his research, since these diseases are highly preventable through life style modifications. Current research questions include better diets that do not elevate blood glucose levels (low-glycemic diets), since these diets may lead to less obesity.