Eta Omega Honors Society

Officers & Committee Chairs - Board Members

President (10-12)Margaret Knight
Vice-President/Programs Co-Chairs, (09-11)Patricia Moysenko 
Past President (10-12)Lisa Abdallah 
Secretary (09-11)Katie Hutton
Treasurer/Finance (10-12)Celeste Tremblay 
President-Elect  (10-12)Vacant

Awards and Leadership Succession (10-12)

Lisa Abdallah, Allison Geissert and Jennifer Wheeler
Undergraduate Faculty Counselor and Governance Committee (10-12)Darcy Brewin
Communications and Historical (09-11)

Co-chairs Valerie King, Michelle Davis, Brianna Norton

Program Co-chair (09-11)Robin McNeil
Graduate Faculty Counselor & Governance (08-10)Joanne Aldrich
Research Chair (09-10)Carol Pearce