About The College

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders for a Healthier World

The College of Health Sciences is a unique and exciting combination of health professions, community health educators and public health advocates – all committed to finding ways to advance the health of our region, nation and the world. As a student in the College of Health Sciences, you will learn about the links between health and environment to prevent and treat diseases, promote healthier lifestyles and improve health outcomes.

200by150-200x150This perspective not only prepares you for high-demand careers but also encourages you to solve and prevent problems that face local communities and beyond. With hands-on learning, community programs, real-world research projects and top-notch faculty, the College provides opportunities that will inspire you to make a difference in the world.

Some examples of our students in action include evaluating physical functioning of Special Olympians, providing care to the people of Ghana and teaching elementary school students about nutrition to fight obesity and diabetes.

200by1501-200x150If you have a passion to make a difference to improve human health, earn your degree from the College of Health Sciences.

Dean Shortie McKinney
College of Health Sciences
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