Biotechnology & Bioprocessing

Biotechnology and Bioprocessing

Biotechnology and Bioprocessing 
Biological Sciences Department & Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department
Dr. Carl Lawton

The certificate is intended for students who hold a baccalaureate degree in science, engineering, health, or related disciplines. The courses emphasize biological and engineering principles, process concepts and the application of these to process design and improvement. Courses deliberately cross disciplinary boundaries and emphasize teamwork in a multidisciplinary environment as well as a result-oriented, document-
driven approach to efficient project completion.

Required Courses:
81.535 or 10.535 Principles of Cell and Microbe Cultivation
81.545 or 10.545 Isolation and Purification of Biotech Products
81.555 or 10.555 Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance

Plus One Approved Elective