Budget Process & Financial Planning

2020 Strategic Planning Budget Review Committee

Consistent with the goals of the UMass Lowell 2020 Strategic Plan, the University appointed a Financial Planning and Budget Review Committee (FPBRC) to increase transparency; to open up the ways in which the campus makes short and long term operating and capital budgeting decisions; and to help empower managers while increasing the accountability and responsibility over the management of University Resources.

The Committee membership includes representation from each academic college, the President of the Faculty Senate, the Executive Cabinet, and other senior administrative officers. The committee annually holds a series of budget hearings to review campus budget planning assumptions. It meets with each of the heads of major budgetary units to identify strategic areas of investment, track success, and identify challenges to be considered by the Executive Cabinet as it makes its final budget allocation decisions.

Committee Members


Michael Carter, Associate Professor, Chair, Economics

Steve O’Riordan, Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services 

Committee Members:

Ahmed Abdelal, Provost; or designee, John Ting, Vice Provost for Enrollment

Bob Barnett, Executive Director for Administrative Services

Pauline Carroll, Senior Executive Director, Academic and Administrative Services

Edward Chiu, Vice Chancellor for Advancement

Phillip Geoffroy, Student Trustee, Student Government Association

Joseph Hartman, Dean, Francis College of EngineeringSusan Houde, Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences

Patricia McCafferty, Vice Chancellor for University Relations

Shortie McKinney, Dean, College of Health Sciences

Jacqueline Moloney, Executive Vice Chancellor

Julie Nash, Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Nancy Ritchie, Budget Director

Laurence Siegel, Dean of Student Affairs

Anthony Szczesiul, Associate Professor, Chair, English Department

Steven Tello, Associate Vice Chancellor, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development

Lauren Turner, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, Equal Opportunity & Outreach

James Whitten, Professor, Chair, Chemistry

Joanne Yestramski, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations