Capital Improvements

University Suites

This new facility, which opened in the fall of 2013, will help meet increased housing needs, as UMass Lowell enrollment continues to grow.

The facility offers amenities unheard of a generation ago: suite-style apartments, quiet study rooms, cafes and more inspired architecture and landscaping.

The design of the building and the landscaping evokes a sense of the textile and industrial histories of Lowell and fits gracefully into its Northern Canal neighborhood.

The brick, U-shaped facility is built around a courtyard that faces the Campus Recreation Center and features both a paved seating area that doubles as space for events and traditional open lawn space.

The residence hall provides housing for 472 students in four- and six-bed suites. There is a ground-floor common area with a café - Hawk's Nest - featuring fresh bakery, grab & go items and a late night Asian menu, in addition to delicious Red Mango frozen yogurt & smoothies and "We proudly serve" Starbucks Coffee. A multi-purpose room is open to the UMass Lowell community. Each residential floor has two common kitchen/lounge areas, two quiet study rooms and a group study room.

See where the University Suites Residence is in context to its surroundings (pdf).

The project was managed by the UMass Building Authority and their partner, Joslin Lesser Associates. The architect is ADD Inc. and Walsh Brothers is the construction manager.

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