Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Programs of Study

The departments within the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences offer programs leading to Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Liberal Arts degrees, coinciding with your specific major.

Please refer to the UMass Lowell online Undergraduate Course Catalog for requirements specific to each degree. Please see below for more information on the College's full list of majors and minors.

Undergraduate Majors

Please use the below links to see more details on specific majors. 

American Studies Modern Languages
Art Music
Criminal Justice & Criminology Peace & Conflict Studies           
Economics Philosophy
English Political Science
History  Psychology
Liberal Arts Sociology

Undergraduate Minors

Undergraduate minors allow students to broaden and customize their educational experience by allowing them to focus on fields that complement their chosen major.  Beyond offering minors in almost all of the major fields listed above, the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences offers several interdisciplinary minors designed to that offer students unparalleled opportunities exploring their personal and professional interests.

You may also search all Interdisciplinary Programs for majors and minors. 

Highlighted Minors:

Asian Studies                   Legal Studies
Digital Media Theatre Arts
Disability Studies Work, Labor and Society
Gender Studies