Demetrius A. Lamar

Demetrius Lamar, Sociology

Adjunct Faculty
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Dugan 205V


Social class and mobility, urban sociology, global sociology, westernization and the history of sociology

Educational Background

Ph.D., Social Stratification Theory, Northeastern University, Sociology Department
and Law, Policy and Society
B.A., Psychology, Claremont McKenna College
A.A., Administration of Justice, San Bernardino Valley College


Demetrius A. Lamar, Ph.D. is a part-time faculty member at UMass Lowell (UML), working collaboratively with the UML Division of On-line and Continuing Education since 2010. He has taught a range of courses in sociology and specializes in “race,” class, and westernization. His early academic work was in laboratory science studying rat behavior as a nexus to understanding modern human behavior. In graduate school, he studied social stratification, paying particular attention to mobility ladders that lead to places of influence, power, and prosperity. Today, as a macro sociologist, he spends most of his time researching the cultural institutionalization of war, the primacy of modern-day inventions, the correlates of class, and the evolution of the concept of race and its implications. He is passionate about teaching and strongly believes in the universalization of education. Dr. Lamar and his family make their home in Chelmsford, MA. 

Introduction to Sociology
Cultures of the World
Urban Sociology

Selected Publications
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Lamar, Demetrius A. (editor). 2006. Pieces of My Soul. Charlotte: The
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Lamar, Demet