Department of Sociology


Kelly Lane, 2002

Kelley Lane ‘02 went on to get her MBA in Social Policy and Management with a concentration in Child, Youth and Family Service Managements from the Heller School for Social Policy at Brandeis University in Waltham. Since finishing her graduate degree, Kelley has served as the program director for Sibling Connections, an organization that works to promote sibling relationships among children who have experienced foster care in Massachusetts. Kelley hopes to continue her work in the field of foster and adoption by creating an advocacy group that works with policy makers to develop improved outcomes for children in foster care.

Kelley says of her UMass Lowell experience: “I am continually grateful for the high level of student expectations, and the supportive academic environment that encouraged me to explore my own academic interests. Without this care and commitment from my Sociology professors, I wouldn’t have been equipped, both academically and emotionally, to handle the rigorous workload endured during my Masters’ program.”

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