Nellie Tran

Nellie Tran, Psychology

Nellie Tran, Psychology

Assistant Professor
Health and Social Sciences Building #389


Community Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Race, Discrimination, & Social Justice Research, Educational Psychology

Educational Background

B.A., University of California, Los Angeles; M.A., University of Illinois, Chicago; Ph.D., University of Illinois, Chicago


Dr. Tran’s academic background is in community psychology with a concentration on minority youth in the educational context. Her research focuses on the experiences of marginalized individuals within the school context. Specifically, she seeks to understand subtle biases and discrimination that marginalized groups experience within the educational context.  She has three lines of research.  First, she assesses the types of subtle biases and discrimination that people experience.  Second, she seeks to understand how people adapt to subtle biases within these contexts.  And third, she works on understanding how to change these environments to promote healthier outcomes for students and faculty.  She is particularly interested in students’ experiences of racial socialization and acculturation in schools and the impact of these experiences on their identity development, psychological well-being, and academic performance. More specifically, she is interested in understanding how school and classroom norms influence the way students think about and understand race and its influence on their own and other’s experiences. She brings this work into her teaching of courses on community psychology, culture, and research methods at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.