Prospective Students

Alumni Testimonials

Marty Meehan, UMass Lowell Chancellor and former U.S. Congressman, Class of '78

 "As an Alumnus of the Political Science department at the University, it is a pleasure to see the program and its students enjoying such success."

Roger Cressey, U.S. Department of State, Class of '87

 "It was the type of personal hands-on treatment that made my education at Lowell so special and led me to chose my current career path."

Tinuviel Lathrop, Sié Fellow, Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, Class of ’11: 

 "In the Poli Sci Department, I was able to take amazing courses…  Having … such involved professors was a huge help in preparing for graduate school."        

Bernard F. Lynch, Lowell City Manager, Class of '78

 " ... I discovered a thought process that has carried me through graduate school and my professional career."

Kazuyuki Uji, Fullbright Fellow, Yale Graduate School of Public Health, Class of '93

 "...excellent teaching staff...enriched my appreciation of life and the world..."

David Whitford, B.A. Lowell, M.A. Princeton, Ph.D. Boston University, Class of '89

 "When I got to Princeton I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was just as prepared as anyone...graduated Magna Cum Laude."

Ralphier Pellegrino, J.D., Sulfolk Law School; Associate Professor, Westfield State College, Class of '88

 "Provided very sound, broad-based education, which was very helpful to success in graduate school."

Todd Masse, Presidential Management Intern, U.S. Justice Department, Class of '88

 "...provided me with a solid foundation for graduate study in International Relations."