Peace and Conflict Studies

Student Research

Students at UMass Lowell are undertaking a wide variety of research in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. In their research, they are studying:

  • The causes of genocide in Rwanda from a psychological and sociocultural perspective.
  • The role of peace and protest music in anti-war movements during two periods of war in America: the Vietnam War (1963-1975), and the Afghanistan/Iraq Wars (2001-2011).
  • Coexistence programs that deal with collective narratives in the Israeli-Palestine conflict.
  • The roots of corruption in Haiti.
  • The aftermath of the civil war in Liberia and the role women played in bringing peace.
  • Whether after-school programs in Lowell reduce teen delinquency and violence.
  • Effectiveness of PTSD treatment for returning veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Conference Presentations

The following students presented their research papers (PDF format) at international and national conferences.


    Mehmet Ali Yavuz, Women on the Streets: Searching Bones to Reaching Self-Respect

    Oluchi Ogbu, Terrorism and Human Trafficking in West Africa: Boko Haram as a Case Study




Student Thesis

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