Model UN

Featured Speaker

The Featured Speaker for UMLMUN 2013 will be Professor John Wooding.

John Wooding received his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, studied international relations at Cornell University and received his doctoral degree in political science from Brandeis University.

He is a full professor of political science at UMass Lowell. He was a founding member and chair of the interdisciplinary graduate department of Regional, Economic and Social Development (RESD) and was elected Chair. He served as provost of the campus from 2003 to 2007. He has taught courses in international political economy, European politics, public policy, British politics, qualitative research methods, numerous introductory course in politics, and graduate courses occupational and environmental health policy, environmental politics and science and technology policy. He has authored or co-authored numerous works in occupational safety and health and environmental regulation, science and technology policy, international labor movements, and political theory. He is co-authored of three books: John Wooding and Charles Levenstein, "The Point of Production: The Political Economy of the Work Environment," Guilford Press, 1999, John Wooding and Charles Levenstein, "Work, Health, And Environment: Old Problems, New Solutions," Guilford Press , 1997, and Kristin Esterberg and John Wooding, "Divided Conversations: Identities, Leadership and Change in Public Higher Education," University of Vanderbilt press, 2013. Wooding has served on innumerable university and college committees and on several local boards in Lowell. He iss currently Chair of the Cultural Organization of Lowell.