Program Content

International Internship & Learning Experience

Toward the end of the second year of the doctoral program, students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to work closely with faculty advisors to design a 3-6 month international experience that further develops their individual focus in preparation for their dissertation research. These international experiences will be connected to UMass Lowell partnerships with international institutions, universities, and organizations. These experiences are mutually beneficial to both the organizations, which need talented and enthusiastic staff/researchers, and to the students as they deepen and focus their knowledge and skills further in preparation for dissertation research and future employment. After receiving approval for their international experience plan from their faculty advisor and the Global Studies Program Director, students will register for GLS 706 International Experience (6 credits).

Alternative Option
Students can also opt instead to enroll in GLS 705 (3 credits) and one additional elective. In GLS 705, students will first identify an international organization based in New England that is engaged in research projects or other activities that align with the student’s area of research. Students will then interview key leaders of this organization about specific challenges they face, and potential solutions to these problems. A report based on this research will be due before the end of the semester, copies of which will be provided to the organizational leaders interviewed. The additional elective taken by the student (in lieu of the 6 credit international experience) should show a demonstrated link to the focus of the student’s dissertation research. Students will work with their doctoral advisor to identify and select the most relevant course to meet this requirement.