Global Studies

Affiliated Faculty

The Global Studies doctoral program is coordinated by an interdisciplinary group of faculty, supported by dozens of affiliated faculty members from throughout the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Program Leadership

Khanh Dinh, Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., University of Washington
Research interests:  Immigrant and refugee adaptation and adjustment, discrimination and social justice, health-risk behavior

James Forest, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Ph.D., Boston College
Research interests: International security, terrorism, WMD proliferation

Monica Galizzi, Professor of Economics
Ph.D., Boston University
Research interests: Labor economics, health economics, economics of disability, poverty

John Kaag, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., University of Oregon
Research interests: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind, and American Philosophy

See the faculty page to view a list and bios of UMass Lowell affiliated faculty.

Affiliated Faculty from Other Institutions

Name, Title, Institution Specialization

Carroll, Gregory Joseph

Department Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies

Salem State University

Social Justice, Peace Pedagogy

Chomsky, Aviva

Professor of History

Salem State University

Colonial Latin American, Sustainable Rural Development

Kvetko, Peter

Assistant Professor of Music

Salem State University

Ethnomusicology, Music and Culture of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, Latin America, Middle East

Luna, Marcos

Associate Professor of Geography

Salem State University

Urban Affairs, Public Policy, Social Justice, Human Environment Interactions

Mauriello, Christopher

Chair and Professor of History

Salem State University

European History, Society, Culture, Politics, Holocaust and Genocide Studies

McAndrews, Robert

Professor, School of Social Work and Interdiscipinary Studies

Salem State University

International Law, Human Rights

Sathasivam, Kanishkan

Chair and Associate Professor, Political Science

Salem State University

International Security/Conflict, Foreign Policy Analysis

Valens, Keja

Associate Professor of English

Salem State University

Comparative Literature, Caribbean Studies, LGBTQ Transnational Studies

Young, Stephen

Professor of Geography

Salem State University

Use of Remote Sensing Data