Kyung-Seok Choo

Kyung Seok Choo, Criminal Justice, Global Studies

Kyung Seok Choo, Criminal Justice, Global Studies

Assistant Professor
Health and Social Sciences Building #495


Youth gangs; transnational human trafficking; identity theft.

Educational Background

B.S.: Korea Maritime University (1995)

M.S.: College of Criminal Justice, Northeastern University (1997)

Ph.D.: School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University (2004)


Dr. Choo is working on a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (Grant No. 2006-DD-BX-K086: $173,948) “Identity Fraud Trends and Patterns: Building a Data-Based Foundation for Proactive Enforcement.”  As a Co-Principal Investigator, his role in that project is to conduct initial exploratory analysis of the United States Secret Service Criminal Cases; iterative collection/analysis of cases; and intensive analysis of case data for pattern detection. 

As a Principal Investigator, he is currently preparing a research proposal for a National Science Foundation Grant (requesting a budget of $272,103 for two years), “Transnational Sex Trafficking of Korean Women to the United States: Understanding International Crime Displacement.”  This research project has joint partnerships with Dr. Timothy Lim at California State University at Los Angeles and Dr. June Ho Jang at Korean Institute for Criminal Justice Policy.

Professor Choo is also a recipient of the Morton and Roberta Clayman Foundation-dissertation fellowship (June 03-May 04: $14,333), which made his dissertation possible including the book “Gangs and Immigrant Youth” in 2007.  In this project, Dr. Choo had spent nearly three years in the field to collect ethnographic data regarding Korean gangs and delinquent groups located in New York and New Jersey’s Korean American communities.  He also participated as a field researcher in the NIJ 1997-IJ-CX-0071 grant on measuring displacement and diffusion: An analysis of the indirect impacts of community policing. His role was to collect social and physical observation data in drug and prostitute hot spot areas in Jersey City, NJ.  Dr. Choo also participated as a research assistant in the NIJ 1999-IJ-CX-0028 grant on the social organization of human smuggling: A cross-national research proposal.

Select Publications
2007 “Gangs and Immigrant Youth” LFB Scholarly Publication

2007 “Identity Fraud Trends and Patterns: Building a Data-Based Foundation for Proactive Enforcement” Technical Report submitted to Bureau of Justice Assistance, Washington, D.C.

2006 “Identity Theft” by David A. May and James E. Headley.  Criminal Justice Review, 31 (4)

2004 “An Accountant’s Defining Moments: Questionable Corporate Practices Before & After the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002” Journal of Economic Crime Management