Course Descriptions


A minimum of 36 credits of elective coursework is required. Up to 21 credits can be transferred from the MA/MS degree to meet these elective course requirements. Each student’s program of study will be different, depending upon his/her professional and academic background, so course/credit transfers are made on a case-by-case basis after the student officially enrolls in the doctoral program.

To meet the requirement for the remaining electives, courses (3 credits each) are chosen from the list provided on the Program Content page. A student’s selection of electives is based on consultation with their faculty advisors. At least 3 courses must be from 1 of the areas of concentration (Security and Human Rights; Socio-Economic Development; or Comparative Cultures) described below, but students are strongly encouraged to take electives across all three areas. After meeting the methodology course requirement (described above), students can take additional advanced research methods courses as electives. Elective courses offered through the Global Studies program will be open to other doctoral students at the University. In addition, courses with an international focus offered in the newly approved UML Ph.D. in Business Administration will be open to the Global Studies students.