Judith Davidson

Judith Davidson, Graduate School of Education, Gender Studies

Associate Professor, Educational Technology & Qualitative Research Methods
O'Leary 521


Curriculum and Instruction

Research Interest

Organizational culture, Planning and implementing educational change, Qualitative Research Methodology and "Practice Theories", Technology Integration

Educational Background

B.A., Antioch University

M.S., Bank Street College of Education

Ph.D., University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois



Technology Integration

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Qualitative Research Methodology

Wasser, J. & Bresler, L. (1996). "The Interpretive Zone: Conceptualizing Collaboration Among Teams of Qualitative Researchers". Educational Researcher, 26, (4), 5-15.


Bruce, B. & Davidson, J. (1996). "An Inquiry Model for Literacy Across the Curriculum". Journal of Curriculum Studies, Issue #2 for 1996, 281-300.

Davidson, J. & Koppenhaver, D. (1993). Adolescent Literacy: What Works and Why (2nd ed.). New York: Garland Press.

Professional Activities:

Science Curriculum Revision Work ­ Lowell Public Schools

CRITICAL MASS project - inservice content and pedagogy workshops for middle school teachers. Hudson and Fitchburg