Jelena Runić

Jelena Runić, English

O'Leary 500C


Linguistics & ESL

Research Interest

Syntax, Morphology, L2/ESL Academic Writing; Slavic, Balkan, Romance, and East Asian languages

Educational Background

B.A., Romanian Language and Literature, University of Belgrade, Serbia
M.A., Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
M.A., Linguistics, University of Connecticut 
Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Connecticut


Jelena Runić’s research interests include both theoretical and applied linguistics. In theoretical linguistics, she has worked on the morphosyntax of Slavic, Romance, Balkan, and East Asian languages, by exploring clitics, null arguments, and definiteness, among others. As for applied linguistics, she has conducted research on error treatment in academic writing in order to help ESL writers overcome most persistent grammar mistakes. She has also worked on contrastive rhetoric by exploring the representation of the self between East and West, and its implications for ESL writing and TESOL.