Service Learning

The Process

Meetings for Interested Students

Every semester informational meetings are held to answer questions about the range of opportunities available. At these meetings, the Career Services and Cooperative Education Center also provides a free resume writing and interviewing workshop to help prepare students for landing an internship. These meetings will be announced via the department's student listserv and on flyers in the English Department office.

Practicum Placement Request

Students begin by completing the Practicum Placement Request (doc) form indicating their interest in a service-learning or experiential-learning placement. The document is used to describe the learning outcomes the student hopes to achieve from the placement and when he or she would like to participate. Students are also required to provide contact information for three members of UMass Lowell faculty or staff who will provide a recommendation for the student's placement.

After review of the Practicum Placement Requests, students will be notified if they are eligible to apply for any of our internships. Students will then provide a resume and meet with Dr. Archibald for a pre-screening interview. Names and resumes of selected students are forwarded to the community partner who will decide whether to interview the student(s) for the internship.

Practicum Application Form

The Practicum Application Form (doc) is the formal request for practicum, indicating the specific placement, supervisor contact information, job description, and anticipated outcomes. This form is submitted to the Department Internship Coordinator for review.

In-Take Meeting

Before students begin their placements, they will attend a short in-take meeting to go over departmental and university policies for students completing off-campus practica and service-learning activities. Students will be able to discuss their placements and hear tips for fostering a successful practicum experience. At the meeting, students will complete the Liability Release Form (doc) that documents the student's understanding that they are solely responsible for their conduct and safety during their practicum experience. The Practicum Syllabus (doc) and the Practicum Assignments (doc) document, which describes the four required writing assignments for the course and provides guidelines for the content of each assignment, will also be distributed at the in-take meeting.

Contact Us

Students may contact the English Department Internship Coordinator, Diana Archibald, at any time with questions or ideas: E-mail: or Phone: 978-934-4199.