First Year Writing Program

The mission of the First Year Writing Program at UMass Lowell is to help students develop and strengthen skills in expository writing, researched writing, and critical thinking skills they will use in their college career and beyond. The courses we offer enable students to draw on their written communication and critical thinking skills as they broaden their experiences as members of an intellectual community. Learn More.

Meet Our Faculty

Robin Mangino, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishComposition and Literature
Shelli DeMarkles, M.A.Visiting Instructor, EnglishComposition and Literature
Mary Gormley, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishRhetoric & Composition
Ashlie Sponenberg, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishComposition Pedagogy, Information Literacy, British Modernism, Cinema Studies, & Cultural Studies
Dina Bozicas, M.A.Lecturer, EnglishThe horror genre, film studies, composition and rhetoric
Tracy Michaels, MAVisiting Instructor, EnglishComposition and Literature
Alison Harriman, M.A.Visiting Instructor, EnglishComposition and Literature
Matthew Hurwitz, Ph.D.Lecturer, First Year Writing Program, EnglishRhetoric/Composition, First-Year Writing, 19th, 20th, & 21st Century British Literature, Travel Writing, British Empire & National Identity
Jelena Runić, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishLinguistics & ESL
Milena Gueorguieva, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishESL Exposition, the Research Process, Linguistic Analysis, Gender & Nineteenth Century British Gothic Fiction, British Travel Literature & National Identity.
Kevin Petersen, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishComposition and Literature; Renaissance Literature

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