First Year Writing Program

The First Year Writing Program (FYWP) is comprised of a core group of faculty within the English Department who teach and provide service in the form of academic programming to students in the first year. It is the only university-wide, academic, first-year initiative of its kind at UMass Lowell. Learn More.

Meet Our Faculty

Dina Bozicas, M.A.Lecturer, EnglishThe horror genre, film studies, composition and rhetoric
Kevin Petersen, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishComposition and Literature; Renaissance Literature
Matthew Hurwitz, Ph.D.Lecturer, First Year Writing Program, EnglishRhetoric/Composition, First-Year Writing, 19th, 20th, & 21st Century British Literature, Travel Writing, British Empire & National Identity
Shelli DeMarkles, M.A.Visiting Instructor, EnglishComposition and Literature
Robin Mangino, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishComposition and Literature
Milena Gueorguieva, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishESL Exposition, the Research Process, Linguistic Analysis, Gender & Nineteenth Century British Gothic Fiction, British Travel Literature & National Identity.
Ashlie Sponenberg, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishComposition Pedagogy, Information Literacy, British Modernism, Cinema Studies, & Cultural Studies
Jelena Runić, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishLinguistics & ESL
Tracy Michaels, MAVisiting Instructor, EnglishComposition and Literature
Mary Gormley, Ph.D.Lecturer, EnglishRhetoric & Composition
Alison Harriman, M.A.Visiting Instructor, EnglishComposition and Literature