Graduate Certificates

The Graduate Certificate Program in the Economic and Social Development of Regions requires students to take four courses (12 credits). Foundation of Comparative Regional Development (3 credits) is required of all students. Two of the following three courses must be taken: Work, Technology, and Training (3 credits), Dynamics of Power and Authority, Diversity and Inequality (3 credits), Organizational Dynamics in Regional Development (3 credits). The fourth course may be selected by the student from a list of approved electives.

Applicants must complete an abbreviated application form available from the Graduate School and must be formally accepted by the Department of Regional Economic and Social Development. The four courses must be completed within a five year period with a minimum 3.0 grade point average and with not more than one course with a grade of B or C.


For program requirements and course descriptions, go to the graduate catalog.

For upcoming course offerings, see the Registrar's web page.