American Studies

Prospective Students

Are you concerned about the environment?  Do you wonder how technology affects our lives? Do you like cities and urban culture? Are you interested in diversity and pluralism? Are you concerned about how the legal system affects daily life? Do you wonder how work and family life will shape your future? Do you believe the arts and popular culture reveal our values, hopes, and fears?   

Then American Studies at UMass Lowell may be the major for you!  

Graduates of the program have pursued careers in government and social services; others seek certification to teach elementary or high school. Having developed skills in writing and analysis, American Studies majors have become successful executives, public relations representatives, product managers, speech writers, and press secretaries. American Studies has proven a strong foundation for students continuing their studies in law or in library and information sciences. Some majors go on to graduate school in American Studies or museum studies; others develop careers in journalism and the media. 

To learn more about the American Studies Program, contact co-directors, Dr. Michael Millner or Dr. Jonathan Silverman at For course information, go to the undergraduate catalog.