Community Connections

Energy/Solar Panels

Name: Gina San Inocencio
Phone Number: 6178881582
Address: 97 Central St Suite 302 Lowell, Ma
Organization: YWCA of Lowell
Submission Type: CBO/Other
Project Type(s): Other - For a project that may be connected to practicum, co-op or internship.
Group Size: 7-9
Time Frame: Spring Semester
Description: We have a group of about 8 young women in our youth center that are part of a program called "Girls Going Green". We would love to partner with UML students to help work with our girls to better understand how we use energy at our use center (possibly reviewing our energy bills), how we can save energy and since we plan on installing solar panels to our roof, a better understanding of how they work, maybe how much energy they would generate. Anything along those lines.
Majors: Civil & Environmental Engineering, Environmental Health
Focus Areas: Engineering, Sciences/Lab, Technology