Community Connections

Archival of old construction plans

Name: Lisa DeMeo
Phone Number: 978-674-4070
Address: 375 Merrimack Street, Lowell
Organization: City of Lowell
Submission Type: CBO/Other
Project Type(s): Service-Learning (SL) Semester - For a project that will be connected to a course and last for one or two semesters.
Group Size: ?
Time Frame: Anytime
Description: We have an extensive filing system with construction plans dating back to the 18th century. Some are so old that if we unroll them, they will crack. We would like to digitize them so the data can be saved. Whether it is to do the digitizing, or to write a grant to get it done, we can use help.
Majors: Civil & Environmental Engineering, Cultural Studies, Engineering Technology, History, Management Information Systems (MIS), Operations and Information Systems
Focus Areas: Engineering, Technology, Other