Community Connections

Volunteer/internship experiences for Health Majors at UMass Lowell

Name: Katherine Conlon
Phone Number: 978-934-4463
Address: Weed Hall, 3 Solomont Way Suite 1 Lowell, MA 01854
Organization: UMass Lowell College of Health Sciences
Submission Type: Faculty
Project Type(s): Other - For a project that may be connected to practicum, co-op or internship.
Group Size: 3-6
Time Frame: Anytime
Description: We are seeking volunteer/internship experiences for our health majors. We are looking for experiences in which our students can gain experience working in a setting that lends itself to job shadowing, mentoring, office work, patient advocacy, support to a licensed medical professional without direct patient care responsibilities, or research. We are looking for positions that give our students exposure to different settings and working with all different populations.
Majors: Clinical Laboratory & Nutritional Sciences, Community Health & Sustainability, Environmental Health, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Work Environment
Focus Areas: Clinical, Direct Social Services, Disability, Elder Services, Gardening, Health and Medical, Laboratory, Research, Sciences/Lab