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Name: Mickey Cockrell
Phone Number: (978) 771 - 3402
Address: 19 School Street, Dracut MA, 01826
Organization: Catie's Closet
Submission Type: CBO/Other
Project Type(s): DifferenceMaker Idea - For a project being proposed to students (and/or faculty) as a social entrepreneurial idea.
Group Size: 3 to 6
Time Frame: Fall Semester
Description: Catie's Closet is a non-profit organization focused on meeting the needs of homeless students and those suffering severe financial hardship in public school grades K thru 12. Our services are unique in that we are located in the schools so that students have immediate access to what they need. We collect new and gently used clothing as well as basic necessities. Catie's Closet is currently in 11 schools in Lowell and 3 in Southern NH. Our focus is on the Merrimack Valley exclusively. While we have been successful in energizing the community to support donations of clothing, we have been unsuccessful in providing much needed sneakers. Lack of shoes/clothing is cited in the top 8 reasons for absenteeism. We are servicing hundreds of students in the schools we are currently located in, however there are 45,000 students in this target group within the Merrimack Valley. Alarmingly, there are actually families who share shoes among their children and based on the number of wearable shoes they have determines how many kids get to go to school that day. We need to solve this problem. We need access to new sneakers so that students can go to school and focus on their education. The project would entail finding resources and identifying ways to meet the needs of our local students. This could include finding manufacturers and negotiating agreements or creating a marketing tool to engage the community or even utilizing social media appropriately. Together we can be a Difference Maker!
Majors: Business Administration, Economics, Sociology
Focus Areas: Community Development, Direct Social Services, Fundraising