Community Connections

Transforming Neighborhoods, Transforming Lives in Lowell’s Acre

Name: Dan Bush
Phone Number: (978) 846 - 2214
Address: 124 Main St Westford 01886
Organization: Habitat for Humanity
Submission Type: CBO/Other
Project Type(s): DifferenceMaker Idea - For a project being proposed to students (and/or faculty) as a social entrepreneurial idea.
Group Size: any
Time Frame: Anytime
Description: Habitat sees the home as the catalyst to breaking the binds of poverty. Investing in Habitat is investing in the community and the futures of our youth. Minority homeownership numbers in Greater Lowell lag the states significantly. Increasing opportunities for minority homeownership is of keen interest to Habitat and also to the City of Lowell as its 2010 survey found homeownership among Black, Hispanic and bi-racial families to be 19% or below. In order to serve these families, Habitat must engage the community more effectively. Recognizing that a vibrant community serves all, how can Habitat engage the citizens, and the students of the community of Lowell to address the need for simple decent affordable housing?
Majors: None specified
Focus Areas: None specified