Community Connections

Cross Cultural Communications

Name: Jessica Wilson
Phone Number: (978) 458 - 5400
Address: 246 Market St., Lowell, MA 01852
Organization: Lowell Telecommunications Corp
Submission Type: CBO/Other
Project Type(s): DifferenceMaker Idea - For a project being proposed to students (and/or faculty) as a social entrepreneurial idea.
Group Size: 3-6
Time Frame: Anytime
Description: Lowell has an incredibly diverse population, and with that comes many languages. We are definitely language rich, but communication between different language speakers is still difficult, costly, and hard to manage for small and large groups alike. Currently LTC has a very diverse population of local folks producing programming in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Khmer. And we have connections in the African, Burmese, and other language speaking communities. How can we use our connection, our technology and our neutral political position in Lowell to further communication on important topics amongst Lowell's diverse populations. We'd like to be a catalyst for more public dialogue on some of Lowell's most pressing issues in a way that helps ALL of Lowell's voices be heard.
Majors: Community Health & Sustainability, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Economic and Social Development of Regions, Education, Entrepreneurship, Liberal Arts, Marketing, Peace and Conflict
Focus Areas: Advocacy, Communication, Community Development, Management, Multi-service agency, Project Management, Social Media, Technology