Community Connections

Title Description Status
Archival of old construction plans We have an extensive filing system with construction plans dating back to the 18th century. Some are so old that if we unroll them, they will crack... Active
AutoCAD training We have purchased an upgrade to our AutoCAD software. It is considerably different than what we were using... Active
Black Waste Disposal: Replacement of the Toilet in Waterless Environments The US Army is deployed to remote locations throughout the world. In many of these locations, there is typically no access to conventional toilet facilities for the Soldier... Active
Cross Cultural Communications Lowell has an incredibly diverse population, and with that comes many languages. We are definitely language rich, but communication between different language speakers is still difficult, costly, and hard to manage for small and large groups alike... Active
Funding Footprints For Success Catie's Closet is a non-profit organization focused on meeting the needs of homeless students and those suffering severe financial hardship in public school grades K thru 12. Our services are unique in that we are located in the schools so that students have immediate access to what they need... Active
Sports Skill training for baseball and softball Have students work with our youth players to teach them skills for baseball and softball. The kids ages would be from 7 to 16 from January to beginning of May... Active
Transforming Neighborhoods, Transforming Lives in Lowell’s Acre Habitat sees the home as the catalyst to breaking the binds of poverty. Investing in Habitat is investing in the community and the futures of our youth... Active
Westford Road Culvert Replacement If possible, the design for the replacement of the Westford Road culvert. Active