Project Examples

Troubleshooting Huayash Water Pumping and Filtration System Using a CR10X Data Logger

Course: 25.401 – Interdisciplinary Engineering Capstone Design
Instructor: John Duffy
Partner: Village Empowerment Project

Project Description: Troubleshooting Hauyash Water Pumping and Filtration System Using a CR10X Data Logger. A purified water delivery system was designed and installed to transport the required amount of water from a spring 1 km away to a central location in the town of Hauyash, Peru. The system consists of four 50watt photovoltaic (PV) panels, two 140Ah batteries, a 10Amp Sunsaver charge controller, and a Shurflo 2088 pump. Unfortunately, the pump failed due to an unknown cause and the Village Empowerment group has had to replace the pump after working for only one month or so. The purpose of this mini-project was to integrate a CR10X data logger to collect voltage, current, temperature, irradiation, pressure and flow data from different components in the system to troubleshoot the premature pump failure.

The primary goal of the project was to use the collected data to detect the root cause of the pump failure. Once the root cause was found, the expectation was to eliminate the defect by repairing or replacing the faulty part and or to incorporate a control device in the system.

A data logger will be installed in a pumping system in Huayash, Peru with the purpose of troubleshooting and analyzing the system in order to determine the cause or causes of the pump’s failure. The data logger will store voltage, current, temperature, irradiation, flow and pressure data from other devices to determine the cause of pump failure. Student learned how a data logger works by setting up an identical system in a controlled environment to assess all parts of the data logger system interface and performance prior to implementation in an isolated region. Students investigated what parts of the system should be measured and what sensors would be used to convert the physical phenomena correctly. Students gained an understanding of the minimum and maximum limits of every aspect of the system, which included current, voltage, pressure, flow, temperature, and irradiation.