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Medical Plastics Design and Manufacturing Certificate

MedicaIn response to industry's need for more medical plastics training, the UMass Lowell Plastics Engineering Department now offers a 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Medical Plastics Design and Manufacturing.

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Required Courses:

Medical Device Design I

A systematic approach to inventing new medical devices. The class details the process of validating medical needs including market assessment and the evaluation of existing technologies; basics of regulatory (FDA) and reimbursement planning; brainstorming and early prototyping for concept creation. Course format includes expert guest lecturers and interactive practical discussions with faculty. Students will prepare a medical device proposal and presentation.

Elective Courses (choose two):

Medical Device Design II

This course focuses on how to take a medical device invention forward from early concept to technology translation and implementation planning. Topics include technology research and development; patent strategies; techniques for analyzing intellectual property; advanced planning for reimbursement and FDA approval; choosing translation strategies (licensing vs. start-up); ethical issues including conflict of interest; fundraising approaches and cash requirements; essentials of writing a business or research plan; strategies for assembling a development team. Students will prepare a final medical device proposal and presentation.

Biomaterials II

The degradation of biomaterials in the biological environment for applications such as sutures, orthopedic implants, dental implants, etc. will be reviewed. Students will analyze issues unique to the field of implants, devices and biomaterials. While reviewing new products and standards, the prospective and possibilities of biomaterials will be studied.

Biopharmaceutical GMP and Licensing*

This course examines the regulatory framework in which "drugs", "biologics" and "cellular therapies" are evaluated in the United States, including the laws, regulations and the state of industrial practice.

*Offered by the Chemical Engineering Department

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology

** (3 credits) Team-taught introductory course that emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to current topics in the range of academic disciplines and gives students their first exposure to faculty research areas. The course, as much as possible, will involve faculty from all participating campuses. We will also invite outside industry speakers to present topics of contemporary importance and offer joint lectures from guest speakers.

** Offered by the Biomedical Engineering Department

Problems in Biomaterials - Directed Studies

(3 credits) Selection of a current biomaterial problem of interest by the individual student, examination of pertinent literature to determine present knowledge in the area, formulation of an approach to resolve or clarify the issues involved and (time permitting) work towards the solution of the selected problem. 

12 Credits

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