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Commercial Development for Plastics Engineers Certificate

The Department of Plastics Engineering at UMass Lowell has a long history as a leader in the area of Plastics Engineering education. Today, the department offers a number of courses that contain both significant engineering content and provide additional information useful for professional leadership development from a legal or business operations perspective. For example, “Business Law for Engineers” and “Intellectual Property” help engineers prepare for the legal aspects of their engineering or business careers. 

A number of these Plastics Engineering courses, such as “Statistics for Six Sigma,” along with a “New Ventures” course and a “New Product Development” course from the Manning School of Business, and an “Engineering Project Management” course have been packaged together to create a unique graduate certificate that should help Plastics Engineers develop their commercial and profession skills. The Department of Plastics Engineering offers this program as a stand-alone, four-course graduate certificate in "Commercial Development for Plastics Engineers." This certificate program is designed for students who have attained a bachelor’s degree in engineering and want to enhance their commercial skills but are not ready to commit to completion of an engineering or business master's degree.

Admission to the program is open to candidates with a B.S. in Engineering or a related field. The graduate record exam (GRE) is not required for admission. Courses previously used for another plastics graduate certificate may not be used for a second plastics certificate. However, these certificate courses may be applied to appropriate graduate degrees if students want to continue their education. The Plastics Engineering Department makes every attempt to offer many of these courses during the evening so that students having full-time jobs can complete the certificate program.

To apply for this program go to UMass Lowell Graduate Admissions.

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Required Courses

26.514 Statistics for Six Sigma

A review of statistical techniques for Six Sigma with applications specifically designed for the plastics processing industry. Those completing the course should be at the Six Sigma green belt level or better.

26.537 Business Law for Engineers

Business legal issues engineer encounter in practice, including contractual, products liability and intellectual property issues. Business torts relating to product design, manufacturing and inadequate warning defects. Unreasonably dangerous products and strict liability.

Elective Courses:

26.515 Lean Plastics Manufacturing

Methods of analysis and operation of plastics manufacturing facilities. Topics include: performance measurement, inventory control, forecasting, production planning, scheduling, resource management, supply chains, various technologies for improved productivity.

26.540 Commercial Development of Plastics

The concepts of industrial marketing will be reviewed for research, pricing strategies, and product planning for market segmentation, place (distribution)-promotional activities. Topics will include creating a demand, selling, and servicing base resins and additives.

26.590 Survey of Intellectual Property

A review of patents, trademarks, copyrights and their application for protection of technology in the plastics industry. Other topics to be considered will be employee rights/non-competition agreements, foreign protection, and technology licensing (in the plastics industry).

26.607 Supply Chain Management for Engineers

This course focuses on design, development, and planning supply chain networks while examining the product's life cycle with an emphasis of the manufacturing processes. Throughout the course, global supply chain management, supply chain drivers, distribution networks, network design under uncertainty, supply-demand cycle, demand forecasting, inventory management, supply chain performance, end-of-life, cradle-grave and cradle-cradle products, along with supply chain decision-making topics will be covered. These topics will be demonstrated with the implementation of examples, and case studies.

22.576 Engineering Project Management

Skills are developed enabling engineers to be effective decision makers and technical leaders in an environment where technology management, business operations and strategies for contract compliance are critical to achieving competitive advantage. Elements of the Project Planning and Control System are presented along with analytical methods important for maintaining projects on schedule and within budget.

66.516 New Product Development Processes

New product development practitioners have developed an impressive body of knowledge of effective NPD practices and processes oer the past decade and a half. NPD wll provide modules on: product management and new product strategy. Developing products that meet customer needs via qualitative market research and principles of industrial design. The product development process and managing new product teams. Emerging issues in NPD: the digital revolution; collaboration, partnerships and outsourcing.

66.617 New Venture Practicum

This practicum focuses on technology commercialization, business planning, initial incubation, and development of an investment proposal to launch a new business. This work is done in student teams.