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Co-op Program

Cooperative Educational Experience

The Co-op Program offers students the opportunity to apply their engineering knowledge in industry and develop the necessary skills to be successful engineers after graduation. The program is designed to be flexible, to include faculty oversight, and to be connected to other disciplines.


This flexible program is beneficial to students and easy to manage by the academic programs and local business community. There are part-time and full-time co-op opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Academic credit is based on hours worked; 500 hours of service to an industrial company is considered equal to one course of Co-op or Industrial Experience. Three Co-op or Industrial Experience courses are equivalent to satisfying one academic elective course. Co-op students can earn money in the program and, at the same time, lessen the academic course load.


Faculty co-op coordinators in each department advise students on job selection, location, compensation and employer relationships. In addition, the Office of Career Services is very actively involved in coordinating with co-op faculty and in recruiting companies for full-time, internships and co-op positions.

The co-op coordinator:


The co-op program is well integrated within other academic and business programs, complementing them effectively. The bustling Merrimack Valley industrial economy, with its many high-technology companies, is actively involved in the co-op program.

The program is a distinguishing element of the total UMass Lowell experience. It offers a high degree of technical excellence and training, as well as innovative approaches to preparing graduates for the technical job market.