Electrical & Computer Engineering

Faculty & Staff

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has 22 tenured/tenure-track professors, three lecturers and four staff members. On this page:
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Department Administration

Title Name Phone
Department Chairman and Head Martin Margala 978-934-2986
Associate Chairman George P. Cheney 978-934-3331
Graduate Coordinator Yan Luo
Transfer Coordinator George P. Cheney 978-934-3331
Doctoral Coordinator Alkim Akyurtlu 978-934-3336
Co-op Coordinator Ziyad Salameh 978-934-3333

Faculty Directory

Name Phone Office E-mail
Akyurtlu, Alkim 978-934-3336 BL 417 alkim_akyurtlu@uml.edu
Armiento, Craig 978-934-3395 BL 421C craig_armiento@uml.edu
Chandra Kavitha 978-934-3356 FA 203 kavitha_chandra@uml.edu
Cheney, George P 978-934-3331 BL 301B george_cheney@uml.edu
Chigan, Tricia 978-934-3364 BL 401 tricia_chigan@uml.edu
Darish, Michael
BL421A michael_darish@uml.edu
Geiger, Michael 978-934-3618 EB 118A michael_geiger@uml.edu
Grosch,Theodore 978-934-3357 PH 118C theodore_grosch@uml.edu
Hu, Tingshu 978-934-4374 BL 405 tingshu_hu@uml.edu
Ibe, Oliver 978-934-3118 BL 419 oliver_ibe@uml.edu
Lu, Xuejun 978-934-3359 FA 206 xuejun_lu@uml.edu
Luo, Yan 978-934-2592 BL 311 yan_luo@uml.edu
Mad’D, Mufeed 978-934-3317 BL 321 mufeed_mahd@uml.edu
Margala Martin 978-934-2986 BL301 martin_margala@uml.edu
Megherbi, Dalila B. 978-934-3334 BL 421B dalila_megherbi@uml.edu
Mil’Shtein, Samson 978-934-3310 BL 306 samson_milshtein@uml.edu
Prasad, Kanti 978-934-3326 BL 309 kanti_prasad@uml.edu
Rao, Tenneti C 978-934-3323 BL 307 tenneti_rao@uml.edu
Salameh Ziyad 978-934-3333 BL 415 ziyad_salameh@uml.edu
Son,Seung Woo 978-934-6846 BL419 SeungWoo_Son@uml.edu
Therrien, Joel 978-934-3324 BL 319 joel_therrien@uml.edu
Thompson, Charles 978-934-3360 KI 312 charles_thompson2@uml.edu
Tran, Anh 978-934-3322 BL 317 anh_tran@uml.edu
Tredeau, Frank 978-934-3572 PH 118B
Vokkarane, Vinod 978-934-3345 BL 409 vinod_vokkarane@uml.edu
Wang, Xingwei 978-934-1981 BL403 xingwei_wang@uml.edu
Weitzen, Jay 978-934-3315 BL 411 jay_weitzen@uml.edu

Professor Emeritus

Wunsch, David,
Phone: 978-934-3306,
Office: FA 206
email: david wunsch@uml.edu

Staff Directory

Title Name Email Phone
Ruth Dubey-Leduc Staff Assistant Ruth_DubeyLeduc@uml.edu 978-934-3306
Dana Drury Technical Staff Dana_Drury@uml.edu 978-934-3314
Senait Haileselassie Technical Staff Senait_Haileselassie@uml.edu 978-934-3342

Adjunct Faculty

  • James M. Moran: teaches History of Radio.
  • Jim E. Moran: teaches Computer Architecture and Design, Field Programmable Gate Arrays Logic Design Techniques. 
  • John Fairchild
  • Levent Sevgi

Visiting Faculty list

  • John F. Palma teaches Circuit Theory, Fundamentals of Electricity I, Fundamentals of Sound Recording