Service Learning

The cornerstone of the College of Engineering's service learning efforts is a National Science Foundation-funded service learning program that is embedded into our curriculum (SLICE - Service-Learning Integrated thoughout the College of Engineering). Faculty and students are challenged to take on real world service-based projects and find real solutions, helping the student learn the engineering content in a real, engaging and meaningful way. Please contact Linda Barrington, coordinator of service-learning for the College of Engineering, via email at for more information.

Two additional programs that have seen much success over the years are the Assistive Technology Program (ATP) and PerUML Project. ATP involves UMass Lowell engineering students assisting persons with disabilities using technology. Past projects have included a voice activated remote control, shoes that help a sight impaired individual navigate a room, and a baby crying alert system. Visit ATP's website for more examples.

Since 1997, UMass Lowell has been sending students and faculty to the surrounding communities of Huarmey, in the province of Ancash, in coastal and Andean Peru. The project has included the installation of solar (photovoltaic) power stations in several mountain communities which lacked any electric power. The electricity has been used to power vaccine refrigerators, lights in the medical posts, and radios for communication between the medical personnel in the mountain communities and the hospital in the city of Huarmey. Visit PerUML's website for more information.