Willard Murray

Willard Murray, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Adjunct Faculty, Senior Environmental Engineer
108 Pasteur


Consulting, applied research, and academic experience in hydraulic engineering,groundwater hydrology, surface-water hydrology and hazardous waste management

Research Interest

Erosion and Sedimentation, Groundwater Hydrology

Educational Background

BS, MS, & PhD in Civil Engineering from University of Wisconsin - Madison, with specialty in Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics


In addition to extensive experience in the acquisition and interpretation of environmental and engineered process data, his experience includes numerical modeling in groundwater and surface water hydrology. He has been responsible for environmentalimpact statements, hydraulic analysis and design of cooling water intake and outfall systems, surface water quality and quantity studies including storm water management, hydrogeologic investigations to assess contaminant migration, and the design and implementationof remedial measures for uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. 
He has provided technical advice to legal proceedings and testimony as expert witness for court cases involving contaminant migration, cleanup of contaminated sites, and flood damage. He also has special expertise in fractured bedrock groundwater studies.